Hi there!

My name is Jel. I am 24 and counting. Starting a blog is just another step in what I have been calling “The Year of Jel”. Basically what happened is my life went downhill at a pretty rapid pace. Lost my first and long-term job. Best friend “broke up” with me. Applied for jobs like crazy and heard nothing. Then I hit February and decided this was not how I wanted things to go. I started putting my nose back on the grindstone and got a job. Decided that the friends I still had were the ones I was going to have for life and that I had ignored them for too long so I needed to fix that. The final thing I decided on doing was starting a YouTube channel and this blog. The friend thing and the last thing I mentioned are still works in progress but I plan on doing better.

So about this blog, I plan on posting on here twice a week. Once with just a day to day commentary like thing. Then the other day will be about an “adventure” that I have that week. Pictures included. I also will post when I accomplish things on my bucket list which so far I am feeling pretty proud of my accomplishments toward. I’m hoping that whoever chooses to read this will enjoy what I post. Because this is about you just as much as it is about me. I can’t guarantee that this will be everyone’s cup of tea but you never know until you try.

For now this is it. I’ll see you Monday with a new post. -Jel



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