Blogmas Day Twelve

Tiny little gifts everyday


Blogmas Day Eleven

Greetings Sweets!       I honestly have no plan for today. Got the next few days already preplanned (not to mention queued up) but I've kind of fallen sick. Sooo today is gonna be short and sweet and to some sort of point. Honestly since I've been sick all I have done is binge watch... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Nine

Hey Sweets!     Let's chat about holiday shopping. It's stressful. It's crowded. Does anyone really have fun during it? I know I don't. Which is why I do most of my shopping online. Pretty much all of the gifts I bought this year I bought online. I will admit that I've gotten like little... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Seven

Hello Sweets!    Another day, another late post. But I didn't have time yesterday to post this blog post because I was out with a friend. So here goes, day seven.                             Holiday Songs     I don't have favorites to list necessarily but... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Six

Hi-ho Sweets!     Let's talk about decorations. I'm big on decorations no matter the season but Christmas is something special. The lights just make everything more magical, more cozy. I even decorate my bedroom, which are the ones we are going to talk about today. This year I didn't go as in depth as... Continue Reading →

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