Blogmas End

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Sweets!!     So I obviously missed a few days and this is a bit later than I wanted but I was trying to enjoying having time off and being able to spend it with my parents. Which was quite nice. We just sat around and watched tv shows most... Continue Reading →


Blogmas Day Nineteen

'Allo Sweets!      So I just recovered from a very nasty cold so we are skipping the last two days. Because all I did was sleep and medicate myself. Today though was very productive! I baked cookies! For the family and a work pitch in tomorrow. Plus I plan on making a few more... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Sixteen

Merry Friendsmas Sweets!    After a pretty relaxed day at work I switched from work clothes to ugly sweater and headed out. A quick stop by the store to grab some last minute things then I was at my friend's place. While her and her husband cooked our meal, I wrapped her gifts and the... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Fifteen

Sup Sweets!       Time to talk about wrapping gifts. The joys, the struggles. I've actually been super proud of my wrapping skills this year. Not to mention I've only got three more presents to wrap!! I am doing so much better this year than usual. Like I don't know how, like at all. But... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Fourteen

Hello Sweets!     Yesterday was a wonderful day off. It started with cartoons on the couch with my best friend. Was filled with Christmas trees inbetween and finished up with Christmas movies at home. Honestly it was the best day off I've had in a while. I didn't get to be lazy but I... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Thirteen

Greetings Sweets!     So apparently I did not schedule my posts correctly so I am now behind again. Here's to catching up and keeping up. (I promise I got this.)            Today's post is all about one of my favorite parts of Christmas: the cards!!! Not only do I like... Continue Reading →

Blogmas Day Eleven

Greetings Sweets!       I honestly have no plan for today. Got the next few days already preplanned (not to mention queued up) but I've kind of fallen sick. Sooo today is gonna be short and sweet and to some sort of point. Honestly since I've been sick all I have done is binge watch... Continue Reading →

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