Hectic Times

Blinked and it was gone.


I am weeks late in finally posting but frankly everything has been a blur. The election was heartbreaking. Threw a baby sprinkle with only 24hrs prep. Now it’s almost Thanksgiving. Where has November gone? I blinked and it’s almost ended. Normally I hate this time of year (working retail does that to you) but for once I wanted to enjoy it. Bask in all the fall things. Instead I missed out. Now I’m planning Christmas things back to back in hopes that I won’t miss anything else. No more blinking. 

   As a quick sidenote: what’s everyone’s favorite winter activity? I’m looking for ideas. I actually want to spend time outside doing things. I want to go places with people. My goal is to be constantly doing wintery good stuff with my favorite people. The first of this wintery goodness is plans to go see the Jingle Rails at the Eiteljorg. I am so excited! Soon to follow that is a trip to see the Festival of Trees at the historic society. Not to mention Friendsmas! So many exciting things to do before heading south for Christmas. Expect tons of adventure posts incoming.

Nashville isn’t just in TennesseeĀ 

For as long as I can remember fall breaks have been spent going to Nashville, Indiana with my grandma and aunt. Now that I’m grown and my grandparents live in Florida it’s a bit different. Firstly, I’m not on a break of any kind it’s just fall and I have a day off work. Secondly, it’s just me and my aunt now. Which is just as fun but sometimes just not the same.

The drive is one I know well and greatly enjoy. Even if the trees are being stubborn and not quite changing yet. It’s all curving roads and peaks at trees upon trees upon trees. Although it’s gorgeous when the leaves start to change its still just as nice now. Then you get to Nashville and it’s all calm and quiet. Like you’ve stepped into a whole other time. There’s mums, pumpkins, and other fall things just littered around enhancing your surroundings.

There’s tons of small shops to wander through and fun stuff to buy. It’s like a giant art fair sometimes, or that’s the vibe it has. Some shops have a theme to them, like The Woodlands it was all carved wood and canned goods. Then there are even more shops that are just a mix of everything and anything. Those might just be my favorites, I love finding random things that don’t really seem to have a rhyme or reason they just are.

My favorite part of all is probably spending time with my aunt. I feel like since we live closer we’ve grown closer. Which is nice since I feel like when I was younger I just ignored her. So I stayed with her a couple of days and we watched crap tv, ate bad food, and made baking messes. We even attempted to make cookie dough waffles, that just did not work. So instead we made macaroons and ended up with sugar highs so bad I feel like it’ll last for days. All in all it was a great trip and days.

October Vibes

“I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers…”

    October is always and will always be my favorite month. It is full of fresh starts, good vibes, and fun times all around. No shock that Halloween is my favorite holiday to boot. I may be a summer baby but my soul belongs to fall. Despite my hatred of cold weather I love brisk fall mornings where the sun starts to rise and shine through gorgeous colored leaves.

   That’s the good thing about living in Indiana. Whether you want to or not you get to experience all four seasons. And let me tell you fall is gorgeous. It’s not rainy and miserable like spring. Not cold, bitter, and biting like winter. Nor is it sweltering like summer. Fall is the absolute perfect mix of sunshine and cool wind. The trees, bushes, and all other foliage do wondrous things turning shades of crimson, gold, and amber. Everything about fall just makes things seem better. 

     The whole month is like one big, warm hug. Giving you healing vibes and sending you warm wishes. October  sees your pain and holds you tight washing it away in slow waves of change. The weather cooling reminds you to be level-headed. Changing colors tell you it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Everything just screams at you to take care of you. To take time off to explore the changing world and watch as it dies to reveal inner beauty. True beauty.

“I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”-Anne of Green Gables 

Apple Orchard Exploring

Good way to spend a good fall day.

Yesterday, my friend, her baby, and I went on a fall flavored adventure. We went and explored around the Apple Works here in Indiana.

     Amazingly the current rainy, wet, icky fall weather Indy is experiencing held out and we got to take our time. We explored the grounds and got to see some lovely changing scenery. Everything is still in that transition phase. There’s still glimpses of summer peeking out through what will soon become gorgeous fall colors. The whole place just seemed serene even with hoardes of field tripping children around.


    Something that makes the Apple Works feel different to me is the fact that they have a petting zoo area. There were several cute goats, who were all about walking across the bridges. Chickens galore and even a few fresh hatched chicks. An alpaca or two. Or maybe they were llamas. How do you tell the difference? We wandered around petting and talking to animals. Listening to my friend’s baby coo and call out to them. Plus seeing all of the kids reaction to the animals was priceless. Not to mention they had the most amazing signs around over there. And the enclosures were adorable as well.

To wrap up our trip we wandered down to the lake and explored the gazebo. Looked into the murky brown water in search of fish and when that failed we made our way through departing groups of field trippers to the shop/bakery. Which alone was well worth the trip. One it smelled amazing, like if you had bottled fall and released it in a building. It was filled with the normal apple goods and old time candy. But it also had tons of adorable kitchy goods. Like wooden signs with witty sayings. Pumpkin people that were to die for. And tons more, if I had the means I would have bought them out. Instead I got some apple butter, apple cider, and three fantastic caramel apples.

After spoozing for a bit we had the baby pick out a tiny pumpkin all her own. It was too cute to resist. Plus even though she was sick she put up with us taking tons of pictures of her. Even letting us stick her head into a giant cartoon apple to take pictures. She puts up with a lot from her mother and aunt. All n all it was a good way to spend a good fall day.